hi, my name's salena, my friends call me sally tho. i'm 15, and i live in the shitey north west of england. i love travel, food, sleeping and reading. and muse. love dem guyz.

this blog will probably just be travelshit/foodshit/bandshit/artshit/makeupshit/clothesshit/quotesandshit.

plz follow me, t'would make my day

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i’ll just go listen to the exogenesis symphonies, that’ll calm me down

prrrraaaaise the lord for muse

spent almost half an hour meditating/calming the shit down, then dad comes upstairs just as i’m done and starts making me all emotional and pissed off with talk of stuff i know he’ll never do, just fck erf plz



Made this myself didn’t I:3 

Actually peed at that video omg


whatta babe


fuck off nutella, don’t do this to me right now </3
hi, i missed half my face off

did my nails woo 

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Only photos on We Heart It -
cara delevingne is perfect amg